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Flat Fee MLS Listing Until Your Home is Sold                Full Money-Back Guarantee and Free-Listing Give-Away

Fill-out a Property Profile.
Submit it On-Line or Print and fax to us.  
You're On The MLS.
It's That Simple!

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Advertise Your FSBO Home on the 
Realtors' MLS Without Paying the 6% Commission

We never ask for payment until your home is actually listed on your MLS and


Frequently Asked Questions About Alot of Things Including Our FSBO Lawyers 

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*We will beat any lower fee. But only we will list your home until sold...and only we agree not to ask for payment until your home is listed!!  

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We Receive No Commissions
No Commissions--No Catches

We are licensed real estate brokers. With our unique flat fee listing service your home is listed on the same MLS that brokers use but you keep the right to sell by owner without any broker! We receive no commission. Your listing is seen by home buyers at places like and your MLS . This website is dedicated to Brandy.

Using our flat fee MLS service could not be simpler. Just complete a Property Profile. Use the "Submit On-Line Format" and submit it directly through the Internet. Or you can print the "Word Format," complete it and then either scan and e-mail it to us or fax it to 206-202-2573. Our e-mail is Questions? Call 708-777-4900.

Submit On-Line Format
Word Format

Your listing is on the Multiple Listing Service and then e-mailed to you for review before we're paid
With your listing you receive the following: 

 1. Listing on the MLS and numerous websites for as long as you wish.
 2. Listing changes including price changes made
for free at any time.
 3. Publicizing open houses and broker tours on the MLS at any time
for free.
  4. Picture included on all listings and websites for free.
 5. Every single form you need to sell your home
for free.
 6. Pamphlets to explain your rights and duties as a seller
for free.
 7. The ability to have us link your website to ours.
 8. Referrals to professionals you will need, such as attorneys
for free.
 9. At nominal cost a lockbox, virtual tour or "Showcase" listing.
10. Most important
for free an unprecedented Money-Back Guarantee!
11. And watch out for those offering a "free" yard sign. It can cost you thousands. Their "sign" has their phone number. They get the calls, bring you a buyer AND get the very commission you want to save!! Some even make YOU PAY for the sign! Read this.        

We are the premiere MLS flat fee listing service in the country and for good reason. We have listed over $800,000,000 worth of homes! Our websites nationally are at the top of the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and AOL.

When you list your FSBO home with us you are not paying to be just on somebody's website. You are on the Multiple Listing Service. Yet we receive no commission, only the one-time fee. Today there is no reason to spend thousands to advertise. With our MLS FSBO service you are everywhere you want to be--for as long as you want to be there. 

Questions? Call us at 708-777-4900

 To List on Your MLS Just Click on Your State

Florida and  New York MLS is also just $299.  For more information about our flat fee service (flat fee MLS listings) and for sale by owner MLS listings, please provide the following information:

My city, state and county are  
My E-mail address is:             

WOW!!! Premium "Showcase" Listing



We now offer an incredibly exciting new service in conjunction with You already know that all our listings appear on But now you can have 25 pictures of your home featured and any narrative you want (2,500 characters). It is even better than that. Your listing is a "Showcased" home, generating far more traffic than a standard listing. If you want to increase your chances of eliminating all brokerage commissions this $199 option may be for you. And remember your Showcased listing lasts until your home is sold. Just check the box when you complete your Property Profile. You'll get "hits" on your home that you won't believe. See the Hits Others Received


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Compare the Competition.
You'll See We Offer Far More MLS Flat Fee Services
For Far Less Money Than Anyone

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hat's Why We Are #1 In the For Sale by Owner Industry.
We Dare Them To Compare
Our Flat Fee MLS Service! 

You See Your Listing on the MLS Before Payment!
They Still Require Payment In Advance

We List Your Home on the MLS For As Long As You Want!
They list you for three months (or less)
Your first payment may be just the start!

We Give You An Unprecedented No Risk Money-Back Guarantee!
They Give You Excuses Why They Can't
And They Don't!

We Change Your MLS Listing As Often As You Want For Free!
They Throw In One Change
BUT Charge $25 For Each Additional

We Don't Require An Exclusive Arrangement!
They Do (Ask Your Attorney What This Means)

We Publicize Your Open House As Often As You Want For Free!
They Throw In One Open House OR Listing Change
BUT Charge $25 For Each Additional

We Change Your List Price As Often As You Want For Free!
They Consider a Price Change To Be a Listing Change
You Can't Even Change Your Price More Than Once!!

We Put Your Picture In Your For Sale by Owner Listing for Free!
They Tell You to Contact the MLS If You Want Them
They Won't and They Don't!

It Costs You Nothing To Be Featured on Our Flat Fee Site
You Pay Hundreds Just to Be On Theirs
And That's All You Get--The MLS? Forget it! 

We Publicize Broker-Only Tours As Often As You Want For Free!
They Give You No Tours in their flat fee mls service
They Don't Even Talk About This Critical Matter


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